I build and design: Cost effective, low water demand, small footprint, massive growth gardens. You will make money selling food or enjoy giving it to a hungry humans. It will be too much food for you and all your friends. Everyone you know wont be able to consume it all. Feed an island, feed the world.

Mayan Floating gardens; 85 feet of floating gardens have been constructed at farm. 25 feet dedicated to grass like plants, rice, bananas and such. There are about as much gardens at farm, as a Mayan outpost village, of about 500 stone-age men and woman.

Mesopotamia Hanging gardens; UNDER CONSTRUCTION at farm, need help lifting structure up, for safety, 3 soles is safest.

Pyramid gardens; UNDER CONSTRUCTION at farm and are for sale soon, very cool, cheap to make design, requires special clay soil.

Call today and get on waiting list for big construction projects, design and quote.

It is shameful to teach kids 1820 slave plantation style farming or have a garden example of this type of farming at the school your children are enrolled in.

Under construction.......................

I constructed 182 linear square feet of carpet gardens.  

But the 5 foot wide tubs have an internal teepee structure.  

Wrapped in carpet to create a cone extending 5 feet tall.  

So the area of a cone must be calculated in. 

With a 5 ft diameter tub extending 5 ft high from rim produces. 

63.54 square surface area.  

So 3# of the easy and quickly Erected 5 ft tubs will have more sq foot area growing space then my 3 months of building 182 sq feet of linear space.  

So 13 of the 5 foot gardens produce 826.02 sq ft of growing space.  

All together I have now 1000 sq ft of carpet growing surface area.  This should produce 10,000$ of income each year.

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