Feed an island, feed the world. I feel much better in a world, if everyone new basic Fred flnstone farming skills. Driver ed class, part of PE school program, should have program to grow food. Throw a baseball, drive car, grow food like Stone Age man. Yaba Daba Do

Education is key to our business model and community connection. We want to live around people able to farm and not wait for shipments of big truck poison box food.

Not just farm but dehydrate and process food for winter storage.

Open viewing construction sites, come ask questions or sign up for a program learning class on growing. Teacher is soil scientist. Learn to even analyze and create your own EARTH soil.

Learn more then the mind can handle.

After seeing 19 Mayan Sites. Most near the site of 12 beheadings it is easy to come to a conclusion and determine structural status of stone and pyramid structures.

This does not take an engineer but it helps to draw the sites. 

My conclusion is the Mayan pyramids are all physically smashed and demolished intentionally in the back. Iron hammers intensionally broke the water works which extended on the back side the the Mayan pyramids. This had to have been performed by early arrived Christian missionary’s priests and even the first conquistadors.

Through the magical powers of condensation these pyramids produced clean drinking water at incredible volumes which which came pouring out back into tubs and then the  garden terrace structure.   This water works was destroyed intentionally so the Mayans would stop taking a dump where they have been pooping for 1,000 of years.

This is the Mac Freuding childhood Pooppoo Peepee culture. But refined over 1,000s of years growing food safely with human fertilizer and pee is ph control sterile wound treatment followed by honey.

To Stone Age man, Shit was a top 10 resource and Mayans collected and used their poop and pee. Poo here pee somewhere else. Collection for men on east and collect for women on west side in tubs that still hold water after 4,000 years. They were water poopers and used stone bathing tubs to poo.

I think it is maybe cleaner to even use the Mayan pooping tubs then a American standard toilet.

If the water tank moved water in and out fast enough poo would be sucked from your butt like the space station tube toilets. 

Water would instantly clean you bung hole.no need to wash hands. Poo is not bought back to anyplace you cook, eat and sleep. 

Are modern system shit and hands are used and fecal mater is everywhere and all door handles.

The Mayan system was cleaner then the conquestadors.  Mayans not use to having shit on their hands for 4,000 years or contaminating their food, crop and drinking water began to get sick and die. And died by the millions.

Rome needs to come clean and produce the 1000s of Mayan scroll documents taken from the Americans.

You could even consider these Mayan scrolls as stolen art. Everyone knows who took them, when and where they are. No one would destroy them without being seen by library priests back in Rome.

The Italian government which follows EU guidelines is required to pursue this stolen art which holds humanity to a plantation, serf, slave 1820 style farming system. A complaint will be filled with EU department of antiques.

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