There is more science to growing production food then building a car. We don’t build our own cars to drive around in and you need to sift through a lot of bull shit people and websites and you will still find no answers.

But, it is very possible to grow production food in a small foot print with no pesticides,  no pollution, cheaply with a little witch craft, and more food then you no what to do with. Vapor farming has no over watering problems and requires no wet watering. No wet watering equals no fertilizer run off, no pollution into rivers and oceans and the great barrier reef survives for kids to explore.

You will also not pollut your drinking water well on your property. 

All stinky wells in Florida are from too much fertilizer in your ground water. Stop stinking up your water and vapor farm.

Insitu water reservoir is how Stone Age man survived. Vapor watering systems were built on the top of mountains to avoid Gods armies sent by Rome, who executed anyone who refused to farm in a plantation style of sadomasochistic farming. Slave plantation farming has evolved into Chemical Plantation farming with Mexican Children pickers which is our current accepted methodology.

Children are Economic slaves in the system with no healthcare, sick days and loads of sexual abuse. 

Every slave ship has a captain and crew. So some straight up political shit really.


Vapor farming techniques were used to survive the Bronze Age, Ironage and the Stone Age . All ancient structures are important for one reason alone they are agriculture sites. In fact the Mayans grew  food from about waist high to the top of their  pyramids, to avoid growing food on the ground in the bacteria, virus, disease rich earth sky interface zone, like slave plantation style farm or church farming.

Every town in the south has a road named plantation and this was the land owned by the churches during slavery and most is still owned by churches now. In theory this makes the church land holding prove slaves were owned through churches financing interests. And, they made the most money off the backs of the Americans black population.

This land littered with dead bones of millions of African slaves and needs to be the actual retribution back to these African people, aka DNA.

The process of cultivation or the magic earh thing if your a life science teacher at a faith based school or madrassa Mohamed institute of higher learning is slow at first.  Even frustrating.  Basically, there are no successfully cultivated plants in your community to build off   Industrial box stores have this figured out for you.

In fact, I have proof all Florida crops are shipped to California and all California crops are shipped to Florida on the return run.

Box stores do this to control the seeds. The methodology is termed, “Seed of Foreign Origin”. It means there are no locally cultivated crops to build a farm off, since they are shipped to California and visa versa. 

Not going to make it easy for you, lazy idiots.

Out off 1000 seeds ordered or bought I hope to get 1 or 2 plants that survive and thrive. Most of the time the seeds or too old to be successful at all. Freasher the seeds the better the chance. So if I fly around in a helicopter or image ft Myers from a satellite you releaze there are no cultivated plants anywhere. Some Industry farms out in lee with no trust passing signs. Dangerous to get seeds of locally cultivated crops there.

End of store is ft Myers has no cultivated plants to spreed out into their community.  

There is a faith based farm called Gobble or globe which trains missionaries to teach Indians in the 3rd or turd world how to farm in chemical plantation style . They have locally cultivated plants but won’t return your calls. If you go there, they want to charge  you 10$ to see their bullshit 1820 slave style farming techniques in dity boxes with shit soil.

Fred Flinestone was a better farmer, this means they promote bad methods of farming in chemical plantation style to the turd world.

We are forced to start at 0.1, and have to start to turn the wheel a bit at a time.

It is a slow process at first. People will say it has been 3 months and where is all the food you promised. No one even understand the farm season or even if there is one here in Florida. Yaba  daba do Mayans, which had no wheel had calendars of plant cycles best to plant when to grow based off a 1000 or even 4000 years of growing experience in the Americas. All were said to be burned, for being witch craft. Most likely just taken to Roman Vatican library.

Once plants are cultivated at site, these plants will be the only source of cultivated food plants that the community can build off. Start a garden off in lee county without a scientist and you are better off at beach all day.

Off topic but lee County is not letting lee County business development acsess raw materials.

Since everything is being built off recycled materials these days including 50% of your broken car.  90% of the wood at farm site is used atleast once before but much of it has been used more them twice.

There is no selling to local businesses recycling materials to build off. I can not access any used steel plastic or foam. I need micro pellet foam it is at recycle center but it is not obtainable to local businesses. 

This Is very similar to the locally sourced food seed problem. If I was a mr Ford or mr Chevy I would not build my plant here.

My personally cultivated plants were destroyed not once but twice. Years of cultivation were brought up to dump by Farmer Joe right before the hurricane of 2017. Than my old maintenance man picked  up my 6 foot garden and dumped it on my 3 ft garden. All cultivated plants, my biological research and development  firm or business took shit number 2.

I lost my last place to live growing massive food plants. Half made the trip only to die here or get tossed in the dump by farmer 

The media always  shows movies where people can’t grow. People is this culture are even afraid to grow. This is a conspiracy to keep us on industrial plantation food chain.

I need clay, the only clay I can get is at hobby lobby store or get the red stuff from the stupid kids baseball diamond which I did and am ashamed of my actions. 

Call every soil fill business in the state and no clay is available.  A perfect loamy soil requires 30% of clay. To make perfect soil you can not in the state of Florida.

Garden below was destroyed and everything was stolen, including the chairs, see Farmer Joe

But I Built a bigger one 16 feet tall which will be covered in food.

Small Garden by my house.

My window is a green house but I could build a better one on farm. If I could access old sliding glass doors from lee County recycling center. I have no money to buy them off Habitat for Humanity which wants as much as 75$ a old used shit door. Habitat for Humanity even trashes old carpets all day long and will not let me uses them to grow food or like I explained cultivate the only community viable crop seeds.

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