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Update: organic soil picked up from lee county was made with sewage slug from water treatment facility. Soil contains broken micro and macro glass and fiberglass particles. Not safe to eat food. Do not eat the food. Warning do not eat the food or touch soil.  If lee county can not keep broken glass out of their organic compost than I can only imagine what other toxins are in their stinking compost, lead, heavy metals, solvents????

Farm was growing food without pesticides by constructing a physical barrier. This is done by growing food off the ground, 2 to 3 feet above the bacteria, mold and fungus rich interface zone. And a little stupid witch craft.

Growing for Food

Growing food, influenceing or altering the food chain, has been then most political shit storm since the time of atom and eve. You never know when a crusading conquestador is going burn down your non slave plantation farm. I never feel safe totally farming in this survivalist style of farming, history channel books have removed from existence.

Food will be sold at 1/2 store prices with the hopes to achieve 25% cost as efficiency and cultivated crops develope.   Food in stores is too expensive and toxic.   

WHAT I DO: Design and build gardens to feed the children on those disgusting fat guy and hungry kids NGO commercials. My designs are affordable, made from old recycled carpets and free wood. Can be quickly constructed in a refugee camp or used locally to feed your community.

Urban farming or City farming is how humans survived the dangerous Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age world.  All ancient sites, historical sites and structures are primarily important for agricultural reasons. This includes wizard Gandalf Stonehenge, mummy pyramids, and Mayan sacrifice pyramid alters. These cultures grew crops better then modern man woman, woman man and all the other happy people on their yellow submarine mission.

The Mayans did not leave their village because of the dangers, so primarily all crops were grown within the compound. 

I like to say the Mayan grew from about waist high, to the top of their pyramid. But, they also grew on lakes, pounds and in walled court yards. The walls isolated the growing field from the bacterial rich land sky interface zone. 

Urban City farming was originally resistance farming, practiced by walled cities or rebel communities. The Judaic people survived several, massive Roman Empire invasions, Urban City farming on top of their Masada style, Mountain top villas which had enormous 100,000-gallon slave dug aquifers.

These people are still around today, so end of story is the farming style I promote is effective enough to survive many wars against gods armies.

Slaves were the petro engines, solar panels, nuclear reactors, of the bronze and Iron Age. Slaves need endless busy work or they get fat and lazy and don’t want to work, revolt or run run runaway. The plantation style farm is a form of institutionalizing people to do stupid, now the TV does this for our "nicer" Trumpy plantation owners.

Plantation farming was an ancient Greek / Roman invention to keep slaves busy and it is the most ineffective and wasteful type of farming possible. But if you own half the land, it is a funtional management plan. Slaves are now giant machines and poor Mexican children pickers.

Plantation farming over uses water which directly pollutes every waterway. Over using any resources creates pollution which ends up as water pollution. Chemical Plantation farming is destroying the Great Barrier Reef, which will be gone before this scientist gets his swim pants in that big blue hole. The second largest reef on earth is completely destroyed, gone, zero rich diverse life; one species the lion fish wins and will have to eat each other. Do you want to eat each other, no then, might be for you.


Current methods of industrial chemical plantation farming are at war with the environment and in conflict with Mother Nature.

1.     Industrial plantation farming over uses water. Over using any resource equals water pollution. I use vapor, not wet watering.

2.     Growing on the ground, or interface zone between land and sky can only be done with a chemical warfare suit and Agent Orange type poison with future mutant turtle kids. The zone between the land and sky is the richest habitat for, mold, bacteria, viruses and general holy pestilence. Ancient man never grew food on the ground or in a dirt box.

The Mayans even grew food on floating islands, which for good reason, isolated crops from this viral rich, dirty land and sky interface zone. The Mayans were so advanced at living symbiotic with nature, they used nature to their advantage accepting its weakness and playing off of its strength.

3.     Chemical Industrial Plantation farming, Walmart or store produce "food" from pesticide spayed boxes, which they are more then happy to give away; is also at WAR with a force, it fails to even recognize. Evolution or earth shit evolves. In modern farming, industry farming provides a new seed for universal earth at large. Let me explain, each year seeds are shipped or mailed from a "Monsanto seed selling company" to some land that the seed, did not originally come from. This means the plant has never evolved into the local environment, growing plan, type of soil, ph and so much other stuff; I can go on for 999 pages or “The Nature and Properties of soil, Thirteenth Edition. The devils book. It is the survivalist guide to surviving; it is the only info needed to successfully resistance farm, and resist the giant green pyramid scam.

You aint on top of your food chain if you aint growing. Government controllers, the rich, big church, kings and queens, what ever, they dont want us to perform resistant farming because is hard to quantify, harder to tax and means food cannot be controlled, manipulated and capitalized into a market square. Specially in ancient times, populations were rebellious without the TV media controls.  Cultures with advanced growing techniques like the Mayans with their floating gardens or the Mesopotamia's/ Iranian's carpet growers, and hanging gardens.  Yes, those Persians make a fine carpet for growing hanging plants, behind castle wars. The Mayans/Guatemalans also make an industrial like fabric, suitable to build floating gardens with.

4.     Industrial farming plows and tears up the earth, exposing it to erosion facts. It is ineffective and has horrible growth rates. Also it is massively wasteful, half of shipped food goes bad and is not even eaten. An urban city farm creates soil to meet the plants needs from managed, easily obtainable and recycled resources.  The best soil is light fluffy soil, micro baby roots can push into, plus 999 pages of other things. There is a difference in good pizza with fresh ingredients and a froze pie. Even more difference in mixing proper soil. See education to learn how to identify and make your own Mayan soil.

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